Lead Economy is not just a group of technology experts. We’re a team focused on innovation, compassion, and above all, compliance. Compliance is critical to success, so we look closely at all applicable federal and state rules and regulations to ensure comprehensive and current compliance initiatives. We take compliance seriously, and we hold our partners to a high standard as well.

We encourage creativity in our partners but never at the expense of compliance. There are specific rules and guidelines that everyone must follow to provide proper advertising and, most importantly, to protect the consumer.

Advertising and Marketing Guidelines

As with all of Lead Economy’s business practices, we uphold the guiding principles of applicable consumer protection laws as we engage with our business partners. To ensure every part of our ecosystem is handled according to applicable laws and regulations, we implemented several helpful guidelines for our partners to follow, not only in their marketing efforts but in their daily operations.

Online Lenders Alliance (OLA)

Lead Economy has been a proud member of OLA since 2017. Our accreditation required a careful, external audit of our practices and compliance with applicable laws and OLA’s Best Practices. We expect our partners to follow these best practices and know the importance of industry standards to their businesses. We conduct internal audits regularly and make sure that any concerns are resolved immediately.

Visit for a complete Code of Conduct and OLA Guidelines.

Compliance Training and Vetting Process

Besides providing assistance with setting up an account with us, brainstorming ideas, analytics, and any marketing efforts, our team makes the onboarding process quick and painless. We’ll share information about our compliance program and expectations when it comes to marketing and handling of consumer information, and our compliance team will get to know you a little better through a due diligence review. Once you’re integrated, it’s a matter of days until you start enjoying the benefits of our partnership.

Lead Economy Master Services Agreement

The latest version of our Master Services Agreement is now available to make your onboarding process faster. The contract is made between you and Lead Economy to cover the scope of services, payment terms, and other terms of engagement. Your Account Manager will handle any insertion orders you require as part of the integration process.

Should you have any questions or need additional information about our Compliance Program, feel free to reach out to email [email protected]