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What is a lead economy?

Lead Economy offers a marketplace where lead producers and buyers can operate in a cohesive eco-system. Lead producers create lead inventory by efficiently matching customer intent to the right advertiser. Lead Economy connects the lead producers with lead buyers who benefit from highly qualified leads, and higher conversion rates. Lead Economy is the first network of its kind – connecting all aspects of the lead generation process. With Lead Economy, it’s easier to purchase and sell traffic, leads, and data.

What is a lead producer?

A lead producer generates leads through digital marketing efforts such as: email marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, web publishing, etc.

What is a lead buyer?

A lead buyer is a business or individual who owns the products or services lead producers advertise. Lead buyers work with Lead Economy to increase sales and reduce ROI by leveraging high quality leads.

What does it mean to advertise with Lead Economy?

Lead Economy advertisers benefit from high quality traffic from our trusted partners. Our rigorous publisher selection process and monitored traffic guarantees quality clicks, actions, and leads. When you work with Lead Economy, you gain access to our network of trusted affiliates who generate quality high-volume traffic daily. You gain the traffic you need to boost revenue from your website without the hassle of running in-house marketing campaigns.

How can I become a lead producer?

If you own a website, or manage digital marketing campaigns - you could be eligible to join one of the fastest growing lead economies in the industry. Quality traffic is key to your success at Lead Economy. We do not accept fraudulent traffic. Sign up today using our online application and a representative will follow up with you shortly.

How can I become a lead buyer?

Join Lead Economy today by signing up using our quick and easy online registration form. A representative will get back to you shortly with the next steps.

Are my leads delivered in real-time?

Yes, leads are delivered in real-time.

What does it mean when an offer is exclusive?

Exclusive offers perform better and produce higher conversion rates. Lead Economy is proud to offer our lead producers exclusive offers; which means, the offers are exclusive to Lead Economy lead producers and no other network. This reduces competition, duplicate leads, and increases conversion rates and revenue for our lead producers.

Can I set filters when buying leads?

Yes. Lead Economy lead buyers can set custom filters, allowing you to purchase only the leads that match your business' needs.

What methods can I use to generate leads?

Lead producers can generate leads in a variety of ways including: email marketing, web publishing, content marketing, pay per click advertising, and search engine marketing.

I’m a lead producer – how do I get paid?

Lead Economy generates payments on a weekly net 8. Once your W9/W8 has been submitted, you are eligible to receive payments from our network. Lead Economy has one of the most flexible policies of any network when it comes to how we pay lead producers.

You can choose to be paid via:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • ACH Deposit
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • Check